TOP 10: Global Health Insurance Providers

This is top ten global health insurance providers:



With healthcare expenses going up consistently, it is basic that each national have health insurance. Here are the greatest and the most plainly understood health insurance providers from over the world.



It is one of the most significant healthcare insurance providers in The USA, with more than 11 million individuals. Humana appreciates a sterling notoriety among clients and gives health insurance benefits in each of the 50 U.S. states, D.C., as well as Puerto Rico. The Humana additionally has worldwide business intrigues in Western Europe and Asia. Contact them on


One of the greatest insurance providers on the planet, Allianz is a Germany organization. It is plainly understood for its global scope, and for giving worldwide health insurance to workers. The agency says that claims are prepared inside of 48 hours and that 95% of their customers replenish with them. You can call Allianz at 0330 1022 033 or email them. They too have a mobile app.

AIA Insurance Group (

This Hong Kong-based skillet Asian gathering offers a far-reaching scope of health insurance arrangements going from restorative, hospitalization, and long haul consideration to the primary ailment. Essential discriminating sickness arranges in the business sector give scope to 30 basic diseases, for example, malignancy, stroke, coronary illness and kidney malady, and ordinarily end after the first claim is made. The organization likewise has plans that help adjust for lost wage. .

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Aetna Foundation (

USA’s Aetna Foundation is a standout amongst the most noticeable healthcare insurance providers in the nation. Aetna offers medicinal services, dental, drug store, bunch life, handicap, and long haul care insurance and representative advantages, essentially through head honcho paid (completely or incompletely) protection and benefit programs, and through Medicare. ¬†You can only e-mail them from

Blue Cross Blue Shield

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) is an alliance of 37 different health insurance associations and organizations in the United States. Joined, they straightforwardly or by implication give health insurance to more than 100 million Americans. As far as some individuals secured, BCBSA is one of greatest health insurance providers on the planet, furthermore go about as overseers of Medicare in numerous states or areas of the US.

The 36 local member companies of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association provide healthcare coverage for more than 106 million people nationwide.


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For Purchasing Individual Health Insurance

If you need to talk to someone regarding purchasing individual health insurance call us at 1-888-630-BLUE(2583).

Axa-Axa –

Axa-Axa is a standout amongst the most understood and greatest health insurance providers working in the UK. The organization gives an extensive variety of private therapeutic insurance gets ready for people, families and groups. Axa PPP Healthcare pandered to the worldwide market and was the victor of a best global private restorative insurance supplier in the UK’s 2012 health insurance grants. Axa is likewise plainly understood in the Gulf area and has in number vicinity in Asia.

You can only contact them on their website


A British multinational, Aviva is the 6th biggest insurance organization on the planet measured by net premium wage and has around 43 million clients over 21 nations. Aviva gives health insurance in countries like Ireland and India, and offers various exceptional advantages to its individuals like medical caretaker available to come back to work, treatment of back and neck wounds and screening for different illnesses.

You can only contact them on their website by sending the mail.

United Healthcare

United Healthcare is a working division of UnitedHealth Group, the biggest single health transporter in the United States; it covers more than 7 million individuals. Aside from personal health insurance, United Healthcare additionally offers programs for head honchos and oversees and encourages United Healthcare administrations for state-supported open and Medicaid programs and their recipients.

You can call United Healthcare 866-633-2446 or email them from the website.

Express Scripts

Express Scripts is an American organization that gives incorporated drug store advantage administration, advantage outline discussion; drug-usage audit; model management; and medicinal and drug information examination officials to oversee medication gets ready for health arrangements, self-protected executives, and government offices; including the Department of Defense.

Call Patient Customer Service at the number on your prescription ID card or call 800.282.2881. to send us a secure email.

Zurich Insurance Group

As of 2013, Zurich Insurance Group was positioned as the 75th biggest organization on the planet. Zurich Insurance Group is the greatest company working in Switzerland and is understood by giving insurance to healthcare associations; aside from individual healthcare for different demographic portions. Their arrangements fluctuate the world over; and they likewise offer a way of life arrangements, the scope for broken bones and breaks for seniors, occasion travel insurance, shield arrangements and ‘genuine feelings of serenity’ arrangements. Which defends a policyholder’s present way of life if there should arise an occurrence of excess, incapacity or Accident Death & Disability. Zurich Insurance Group likewise gives scope to families; shielding them from money related troubles created by mishaps, and Accident Death & Disability, unplanned healing center wage (senior consideration), and unintentional restorative costs. YOU CAN ONLY CONTACT THEM FORM THEIR WEBSITE