Weight loss misconceptions

We often forget about our health, we get trapped in the dieting world. Being vulnerable, we trust what we hear and  weight loss is hard enough without having wrong information or misleading facts. As we all could relate to the typical story of someone who lost weight and gained it back and a few pounds more or someone who is constantly yoyo dieting while going on irrational fad diets. Here are a few myths that you have probably heard before and they are completely WRONG.


Health organizations have official recommendations for the average daily intake of sugar yet we are overdoing it. The daily American heart association recommends  6-9 Teaspoons of sugar per day while the average person has 19 teaspoons.

Chocking?.. Not really, the matter of fact is our sugar consumption adds up way too quickly from drinks like sodas and  fruit juices whish you may find surprising as well as dried fruits that contains 3 times the calories of fresh fruit and way more sugar to preserve it. Did you know that a “frappucino” from starbucks has 69 grams more than 2 snickers bars that contains 54 grams.  No wonder why the pounds are not coming off. A better alternative not only to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle but to get that perfect glowing clear skin and avoid acne is to drink water, add in some lemon or some fruit for a bit of flavor and you are ready to go.


There are four foods that people may have a reaction to : Soy, Dairy, Gluten and Wheat. These food intolerances whish are very common may cause  fatigue, skin issues ,digestive issues like bloating or gas and weight gain. So tune in into your body, become your own investigator because you can’t understand the impact that it could have on your life. A simple tip is to keep a food diary and to extract them from your diet then bring them back slowly back.  You should 5 to 10 pounds easily and feel more at ease.


A calorie is energy and all foods have calories but not all calories are the same. We all have heard it before but it’s no more than a myth. A simple example if you eat a piece of chocolate cake even if it has the amount of calories as a piece of protein ,the quality of the is different  it will not trigger a similar  response in your body.

So be aware of what you are putting into your body and note that foods or diet drinks that contains less than 5 calories could be labeled as no calorie food.


Happiness and wellbeing starts from your diet.  Get empowered with knowledge, educate yourself, read the nutrition facts. Understand what makes healthy food healthy and don’t trust what you hear. And finally forget about diet plans and be kind to yourself and trust the process because health is a  lifetime project it’s not a week starvation diet that leads to healthy happy family and kids.