The secret with tea the tea health benefits

Health Benefits of Tea


The secret of tea health benefits:

Many individuals would like to improve their health these days. The price of health care services is taking its toll and starts to concern individuals all over the world. Fortunately, much health products have been regarded as helpful for the body. There are different tea drinks found in the market, but all of them are considered to have specific benefits for people. In the case of oolong tea, it may present as regular green tea drink but the main tea leaves used may appear to be black. It is the product of oxidation procedures and having the characteristics of both black and green tea will provide much health benefits.

Oolong tea health benefits will work on different parts of the body. People may not see these parts of the body be affected by this tea drink, but the truth is they’ll get benefit from it once taken as recommended. The following are the body parts that will enjoy these health benefits.

1. Heart and circulatory system – Oolong tea can improve weight by increasing metabolism. With better metabolic rates, people will lose weight and take care of fat buildups in the body. Without fats to meddle with the circulatory system, there will be lesser instances of heart and circulatory problems. Classic examples of these are the fatal heart problems like heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure. Fat and cholesterol build-ups affect the circulatory system and result in these problems.

2. Skin – Have you noticed how many people are not able to treat their skin problems like acne even if they are using medications to it? It implies that the cause of their acne problems is deeper than just getting an excessive amount of dirt on the skin. Most of the time, the reason lies within the toxin levels in the body. By drinking oolong tea, packed with antioxidants, people with problematic acne can clear them out after some time of drinking it. These antioxidants will help people get the most benefits by flushing out the toxic contents outside the body so the body will have a clean supply of blood without the presence of toxins.

3. Teeth – Apart from these regular medical problems, people are also experiencing different oral health concerns like plaque buildup. These plaque buildups are caused by bacteria and can cause teeth to rot and have cavities. Many studies have shown that oolong tea has the capability of preventing bacteria that causes plaque. Hence, it will minimize the chances of having tooth decay that leads to other oral problems like inflammation and infection problems.

4. Overall body health – By checking out these benefits, you can say that it can totally change your body’s health status. In a sense, all your body parts will enjoy all these benefits especially if you are looking for the best solutions that will keep you healthy or improve your health.

For over 4000 years, green tea health benefits have been studied as well as promoted by Chinese physicians and herbalists. The present we in the west are beginning to recognize that daily green tea consumption can improve our health plus help us to resist disease. Many hospital plus research institutes are conducting studies to determine just what the tea health benefits are.
Fountain of Youth with tea health benefits

How can green tea boost your mind, body and spirit?

First, it is full of antioxidants called catechist. Because green tea is less treated than either black or oolong teas, the concentration of catechins is higher. These potent antioxidants handle cleaning up free radicals, tiny unstable molecules that damage healthy cells.

Free radicals linked to cancer, among other diseases. The Research shows that a diet high in antioxidants can inhibit the growth of free radicals, dropping our risk of cancer. Free radicals also add to the signs of aging. With each day, doses of the antioxidants found in green tea can help keep you feeling as well as looking younger each day.

A study done at the University of Rochester’s Ecofriendly Health Science Center examined the effect of the chemicals in green tea on a particular type of molecule. It is called the aryl hydrocarbon receptor as well as can activate harmful genes. Their results indicate that EGCG, one of the antioxidant compounds found in green tea, may inhibit the activity of AH molecules.

Brain Food

A study published in the Paper of Neuroscience showed that the antioxidant epigallocatechin-3-gallate, or EGCG, might help reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. When large amounts of EGCG injected into laboratory mice, they responded by generating less of the protein associated with Alzheimer’s.

Endless Health Miracles

Green tea health benefits comprise lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Both humans, as well as animal studies, have linked the consumption of green tea with lower total cholesterol, but with higher HDL or “good” cholesterol.

A study showed in Taiwan determined a relationship between green tea and reduced blood pressure. Hypertension distresses a large percentage of the world’s population, and can be measured by drinking even small quantities of green tea on a daily basis.

Green tea health benefits are endless. Cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes are just a few of the diseases added or defended against by this mild beverage. New studies are continually strengthening what the Chinese have known for centuries: drink your tea every day and live a longer, healthier life! In general it was found that the LDL levels or ‘bad cholesterol’ as it often referred to actually dropped considerably while the HDL levels or ‘good cholesterol’ remained relatively unchanged.

Remember too that high levels of LDL (fat particles) in the blood can result in heart disease and other cardiovascular health problems. Ideally you want to keep these levels low to maintain your best health tea health benefits.

Although, experts continue to have lots of difficulties in agreeing amongst themselves on the tea health benefits the benefits are vivid. The fact remains that with these types of research data becoming easily available to the public, more and more people today are far less likely to brush its health benefits aside as pseudoscience or some marketing hype.

This latest research published this year on tea health benefits and cholesterol adds meaningfully to the already long list of tea health benefits that have already tested, researched and published over the recent years. As for myself personally, I honestly believe that green tea (and its extract) has a long and impressive list of tea health benefits and should, in fact, be included in your diet plan daily. Furthermore, it is known to be an effective drink that can help increase your metabolism naturally for those who are struggling to lose body fat hence the many tea health benefits.

In conclusion, oolong tea health benefits can affect different body parts. They prevent various causes of health problems by controlling its causes. With this, they would get all the benefits they are looking for their health to avoid any problematic diseases especially when lots of factors can cause people to be unhealthy.