How to remove blackheads permanently from your skin

How to remove blackheads permanently from your skin, natural process that is very easy to apply.

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Blackheads on the skin are common problems. A lot of people are suffering from it. Here I will discuss and show you how to get a skin which is completely free from any kind of blackheads or whiteheads. There are simple 3 steps to remove blackheads permanently.

 remove blackheads permanently


Toothpaste, Salt, Old damage brush, clean cloth, warm water, curd and Fuller’s earth


Step 1: It’s a very easy process. Basically, we need to scrub our skin. We will need

  1. Toothpaste
  2. Salt
  3. Old damage brush.

How to Remove Blackheads


  1. So, take a little bit of toothpaste and just squeeze it out and then after this just a pinch of salt.


  1. Take this on your old damage brush and brush it very gently on your skin. Don’t be too hard otherwise you might hurt yourself and it’s really not worth


  1. Do this for about two minutes and then wash off with normal tap water.



Step 2: Step two is a very simple process. We will need

  1. a) Some clean cloth and
  2. b) Some warm water


How to Remove Blackheads Naturally

  1. Take the cloth and dip it in the water and then squeeze out all the water possible.

What we basically need is some warm steamy cloth as you can probably tell this is basically an alternative to a really messy and time-consuming steam facial technique.


  1. Wrap the cloth strip all over your blackhead area gentle.


  1. Remove your cloth strip after 15 seconds and repeat it for two more times.


Step 3:


 For this, we will need

  1. Curd
  2. Fuller’s earth


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So, take about 3/4 teaspoons of Fuller’s earth and 2.50 spoon of curd and mix it very well.

Apply this very gently all over your blackhead area and massage it well into your skin.

Leave it on for about 10 minutes and wash it off with ice-cold water if you want you can also dab some ice.


Is this discussion how to remove blackheads, you have got a great solution. So, apply this to remove blackheads from your skin and enjoy smooth and healthy skin.

How to Remove Blackheads Naturally:

The above process is quite natural. So practice this and get a natural skin which is free from blackheads or whiteheads.

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The ingredients of the process are the best natural product. So you can use it without hesitation.