The secret to smooth skin- How to get clear skin

How to get clear skin

When it comes to learning how to get a clear skin individual efforts counts. The best thing regarding skin condition is to seek the truth and facts the surround acne.  Some of the myths I want to talk about are the connections between diet and acne, myths about washing your skin.

Moreover, I’ll talk a bit about why medical companies are so keen to make skin products that force us to keep buying each month.

how to get clear skin

Let’s take the diet and acne connection, shall we?

Many times if you ever mention anything about changing what you eat for how to get the clear skin to a dermatologist. It is a proven fact that there’s no linking between diet and acne, and it is not a cure for pimples.” They may even cite studies and their conclusions. What they do not know, or what they are not telling you is none of those studies was even close to conclusive. Just think about that for a minute. How much have we learned in the past 39 years about medicine? Also, anyone who knows anything about acne knows that breakouts can occur weeks before we even see them.

Also what they fail to mention is that there have been many studies on cultures outside of our own, such as the Ache, Kitavan, and Inuit. Every single one of these cultures ate a whole natural diet and had nothing processed at all. Not a single case of acne recorded amongst any of them. They never had to worry about a cure for pimples. Even more astounding was that from 1989 to 1991, a professor studied the Inuit as they progressed to a more western style diet. Apparently diet plays a significant role in how to get clear skin.

Moving along to washing your face

I hate when I see people mention this ever. Acne has absolutely nothing to do with your hygiene. Individuals who do not have acne can walk around with dirt covered skin and not get a single break out. Dirt does not cause acne and washing are not a way how to get clear skin.

T-Zone -wash excess oil from your skin

Well, I am not saying dirt is causing acne, but if you want to know how to get clear skin, you have to wash the excess oil from your skin.” The so-called “T-Zone” washed, so excess oil does not clog pores. It is another great acne myth for how to get clear skin. Even if you could wash your face a million times a day, you’d still have acne because your oil glands are always producing more oil every second of the day. It is obviously not a cure for pimples. Otherwise, people would be clear by now, wouldn’t they?

Lastly, we come to the big daddy of acne “how to get clear skin” facts. The chemicals, there is a great metaphor I want to use here to explain why there are so many companies that make external products to “clear” acne. Say there’s a big, dirty pond in your back yard. Every summer your back yard becomes infested with swarms of mosquitoes who love the dank and free standing water. The truth of the trouble is that acne is an internal problem. How to get clear skin has nothing to do with how much you wash or how many new products you try. None of them will work because you are only treating the symptoms and not the real causes.