Wellness and Holistic health; How Can It Help Me

The word “holistic” seems all the rage these days. I hear of holistic dentists, holistic practitioners, comprehensive study courses, holistic nurses, moms, and remedies. Just type in the word “holistic” and you will find over 80 million results. However, what does the word holistic mean? How can I relate it to my life? The American Holistic Health Association explains the word “holistic “as, “to promote optimal health and as a by-product, to prevent as well as treat disease.” I love this definition, as it is right on the money. How does one promote optimal health?

Become a Certified Holistic Health Practitioners

Just like myself, assist others in promoting optimal health by providing them with knowledge, a functional and definitive plan to follow as well as motivational support, with lifestyle modifications. Some modifications most often consist of changing their diet, helping them to establish good sleep, lessen stressors, increasing their activity, learning to love them unconditionally as well as harmful address relationships. As you can see, holistic health involves looking at the entire person that is the body, mind, and spirit hence helping the users to alleviate their symptoms by finding the cause of their problem.

Wellness and Holistic health program

Wellness is a progression of gaining awareness plus the satisfaction from activities, which promote fitness, nutrition, stress management, positive relationships, life purpose, and commitment to self-care.   We believe that health and illness go hand in hand and that one can maintain wellness even in the presence of disease.  The Wellness is a strengths-based model that focuses on personal responsibility and self-empowerment.  A wellness lifestyle consists of a balance of healthy habits that comprise adequate sleep, nutrition, productivity, exercise, purposeful and meaningful activity, social contact as well as supportive relationships.

Holistic health is methodologies for health care that emphasis on all areas of human active.  It is more as it comprises of the mind, body, and spirit.  The individual’s awareness includes of thoughts, emotions as well as mentality.  Your body is an individual’s physical structure.  The spirit is the core of a person values offers a sense of meaning plus purpose in life.  Each of these parts is unified and is regularly affected by and affects the environment in which we exist.  Holistic health strives to reset this balance plus maintaining balance to achieve overall well-being.

There is one big weakness of holistic health therapy

It takes time. It is not, in a quick fix. Allopathic medication does have the one up on us in that if you are aching from aching migraines you can go to the doctor, get some meds and the headaches will go away. With holistic health, we would look patient past medical history as well as your current life plus finding out why you are suffering these painful migraines. Comprehensive health treatments take time however the rewards are substantial.

Lastly, the forces of holistic health therapy cannot be exaggerated. Where allopathic medicine focuses on the exclusion of the symptoms and is costing the country billions a year, holistic health focuses on educating patients to take obligation for their health. Holistic health is the future hence will save the country billions of dollars in healthcare costs. You can also access treatment that is preventative maintenance.