E-Health in 2015 – What’s in it for you and your Patients?

The E Health program purposes to change the way in which information and related technology are used in the world to advance the quality of patient care in support of the improvements and ambitions set out.

E-Health the Patients pie

It is comfortable to understand how patients can benefit from e Health.  Every visit to a healthcare professional, or a hospital or other medical facility, may result in significant information about their health being created and stored at that precise location.  E-Health allows easy sharing of the information between the healthcare’s providers intricate in their care.

The e Health record system allows patients to access:

  • 24/7 access to a summary of their health information, from anywhere.
  • The capacity to keep track of their medications, immunizations, and allergies.
  • More understanding of their health status, and more involvement in the healthcare decisions affecting them.
  • The ability to share their relevant health info with all healthcare providers intricate in their care.

Patients will also profit from the other e Health initiatives integrated with the Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions where an improved process will deliver more flexibility and convenience for patients. For more information, please the e Health products.

What’s in for e Health Providers?

The inquiry suggests that as many as 13%1 of primary health care visits have missing clinical information.  A patient’s health information potentially distributed across a broad range of locations including their GP, hospitals, imaging centers, specialists plus associated health practices.

At present, utilizing your existing clinical software, you can promptly access the e Health record system, download and subsidize up-to-date information about your patient’s health. It to enhance the information you get instantly from other medical providers.

It includes the medical history, any details of any allergies, adverse drug reactions, and immunizations.    Also, the patient medications prescribed and dispensed. Still there are the hospital discharge summaries as well as specialist letters.

This data can be of especial benefit for new or itinerant patients. It is saving you time chasing this information and meaning less reliance on the patient’s memory.

Paybacks of e Health to providers   

E-Health offers more time with patients hence less time tracing the clinical information as well as examinations, resending or checking with referrals, scanning, printing, filing as well as posting. There is better information sharing among different sources, say GPs and Hospitals.

E-health for chronic conditions

The e-health helps the patient especially those with chronic and complex health condition with top notch health management. There is increased efficiency that contributes to reductions in the number of unnecessary tests, hospitalizations, and follow-up specialist visits. They offer high confidential patient correspondence only saw by treating clinicians (no scanning necessary)

Lastly E-health principals continue to train and sustain a range of e Health products and initiatives that over time will deliver a range of benefits to providers. For more info, please see e Health products that suit your family. The electronic book is a function of the new e-health program, and individuals have to opt out if they want to be part of the massive system.